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I’m excited that you’re here and browsing these pages.

Schools are experiencing high levels of challenge and a constant stream of change.

Many find the pace of change particularly difficult to deal with. What can you do as a

school and as an individual? How can you support yourself and your school to move

forward in a way which is manageable and which ticks the boxes?

My background is in school leadership, consultancy and teaching – I do understand!

I work with schools and individuals to:

  • Embed the use of a coaching approach in school  
  • Support leadership
  • Build confidence
  • Re-visit school vision and values
  • Manage challenging team dynamics
  • Find an improved level of work/life balance
  • Re-ignite the spark

This ranges from whole school training to team sessions and one-to-one work.

Coaching has become increasingly popular in schools as an important part of CPD and as a vehicle for building a collaborative learning environment, developing leadership capacity and supporting school improvement.  

Over the last 10 years I’ve developed a fascination with the way in which a conversation can be turned from ‘interesting’ to extremely ‘POWERFUL’ , thereby creating lasting change. I’ve discovered strategies and skills to change the ethos and mood in a school and to literally transform people’s lives. I’d like to share these with you via training, workshops, twilights, one-to-one coaching sessions and bespoke events tailored to your individual school requirements.

Explore the Services and Resources pages and get in touch! I look forward to hearing from you

 June Whittle Coaching offers one-to-one coaching sessions, workshops and training courses.

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